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Tim Fox of C Fox Wood Boats, located in Kent City, Michigan, has been building wood epoxy and traditional construction wooden boats since 1979. The types of watercraft we specialize in are Sea Kayaks, Sliding Seat Shells, Glued Lap Strake, Rowing, Sailing and Outboard Powered Skiffs, Drift Boats and a new one design rowing skull. Watch for us at the DeVos Boat show in February!


Read more about boat builder Tim Fox
and his passion for building boats...


Close up of new design rowing skull - interior image

The Oxford Shell built by by Tim Fox















Custom Boats

We can build you a finely detailed custom wood boat or share our years of experience to help you build and launch a successful small boat project of your own.

We have boat kits and plans for you to choose from. We also have fine custom wood boats offered for sale including the Chester Yawl and our new one design rowing shell pictured here.

Chester Yawl

New One Design Rowing Shell - image

Attention All Boat Builders:
Is there a boat in your garage?
..... just waiting to be finished?
C Fox Boat School can help you
complete your creative expression.

image of unfinished kayak


CLC Sassafras Canoe Build - image

CLC Sassafras Canoe Build

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